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CMFD (Community Media for Development) Productions is a media/ communication for development consultancy specialising in high quality communication materials and projects (serial radio dramas, radio spots, digital stories, music, theatre and print publications). Our services include project management and implementation of communication campaigns, radio production, community and journalist training, and materials development, all based on communication for social change approaches and emphasising community input and participation.

From offices in Johannesburg and Maputo, CMFD has worked across Africa on issues such as governance and elections, gender/ women's rights, disaster risk reduction and climate change, migration (including human trafficking and xenophobia), landmine awareness, and health promotion. Working in countries including South Africa, Mozambique, Angola, Kenya, Zambia, Senegal, Sierra Leone and Lesotho, CMFD is committed using participatory strategies, facilitating this process in a way that participants gain important skills while creating communication that works.

Strategies & Approaches


Development communication comprises a whole range of strategies and approaches, from behaviour change communication, to social marketing, to Communication for Social Change. Applying sound communication strategies, CMFD is committed using participatory approaches in developing high quality content. A basic foundation for this is creating messages within our productions – serial radio dramas, magazine programmes, and publications – that are relevant, believable, and appropriate to the target audience, and which present a social message for change. Good messaging requires a number of steps to be taken.

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What's Been Said About CMFD Programs

"The mafia part gets you interested in the story, then these other things [human trafficking, HIV, sexual abuse] come in, it's still interesting. It's not like you're just putting out facts. Like on the news or something - people can ignore those things because they're tired of hearing them. Put in this way it can make you think about it twice." - Focus group, Dealers Drama

"The programme had incredible impact...besides being a radio soap opera that is helpful, it also entertains and encourages people in communities..." - Radio Catandica, Mozambique, Vila Pisa Bem

"The guide helped me follow up the drama episodes & gave me insight on the campaign for women rights...We invited human rights activists to explain further to the community in local language about women and girls' human rights." - Mulumbe FM, Kenya, Crossroads

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CMFD maintains are relatively small full-time staff, all of whom come from a wide range of backgrounds and are representative of the diversity of the work we do.

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