Feeding Hungry Cities Documentaries & Drama

Feeding Hungry Cities Documentaries & Drama

For the Africa Food Security Urban network (AFSUN) CMFD Productions embarked on an exciting series of radio documentary and drama series to chronicle the complex issues of how cities in Southern Africa feed themselves. Significant research has been conducted by AFSUN into issues of urban food security, and the drama and 10-part series communicate this information, while also providing a space for real stories, experiences, and solutions to be shared. (Documentaries in English only)

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Hungry Cities Theme Music

The invisible crisis


Making ends meet,In pursuit of food security

Where does food come from







  • Languages: English
  • Partners: AFSUN

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Productions and publications found in the Resources Portfolio produced by CMFD Productions for and in collaboration with a wide variety of partners. All are free to access and use, including the audio reosurces, provided you drop us a note and let us know how you will be using them.

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