Musicians Against Xenophobia

Musicians Against Xenophobia

Musicians from Mozambique, South Africa and Zimbabwe put xenophobia on the cultural agenda in a musical initiative to get people talking about discrimination. South Africa, especially Johannesburg, is home to thousands of foreign Africans. Some are refugees, fleeing persecution and seeking asylum; others are looking for work and a better life. Many find that life is not what they expected. They face discrimination from government services, harassment by police and degrading treatment from people, whether in the taxis, schools, shops or streets. Initiated by CMFD and supported by MMINO, the musicians worked with migrants and young people to create four songs that get to the heart of the matter.

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Xenophobia Music

Turning of the tables song

Sigauque song


Sinjengomfula song

Kaya song

  • Languages: English
  • Partners: African Union Protocol
  • Partners: MMINO

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