CMFD's projects cover a wide range of issues, from migration and xenophobia to women's and children's rights and health. The particular topics we cover depend largely on the communities we work with, thus ensuring that our programming is always directly relevant to the people involved, as well as the listening audiences.


Health & HIV/AIDS

Communication is very important to health promotion and behaviour change.

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Democracy & Governance

Good governance practices and a fully functioning democracy are key to a nation's success, economically and socially. CMFD conducts training sessions with both radio journalists and politicians to improve civic education around elections and voting as well as reporting around elections and governance issues. This includes issues that are felt at the local level. We believe the best way to get civil society involved in political life is by ensuring that the media and political spokespeople know how to engage local communities.

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Disaster Risk

Media, especially radio, play a vital role in preparing for and mitigating disasters, which unfortunately are increasing in frequency due to global climate change. Good communication can promote disaster awareness by encouraging individual, family, and community preparedness, as well as informing people about new techniques in community resilience, such as building and farming methods. Media is vital when it comes to disseminating warning messages, and telling people where to go and what to do in an evacuation. Even long after the disaster strikes, media can provide information about reconstruction and recovery, and hold leaders accountable for promises made.

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Migration Issues


Every year, thousands of people migrate within Southern Africa's borders, mostly looking for better opportunities, and mostly destined for the region's economically strongest country, South Africa. Yet, migration brings with it many challenges. Many face xenophobic discrimination. Often without proper documentation and with few employment prospects, they are vulnerable to abuse and exploitation, particularly women. In some cases, they may also find that promises made by potentials employers before they leave their home country are not true, and in the worst cases they become victims of human trafficking. CMFD has worked extensively with migrant communities in Southern Africa.

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Women/ Gender


In Africa, women's voices are still largely missing form media, especially the most marginalised, like rural or migrant women. Raising awareness about gender inequalities and women's rights and giving women opportunities to use media to articulate issue and priorities, is an important part of ensuring that these issues receive the attention they need. CMFD works to raise awareness about women's rights and gender through polar forms of entertainment – such as drama and music – as well as working with women, both media professionals and community members, to strengthen the use of media for development.

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