Disaster Risk

Media, especially radio, play a vital role in preparing for and mitigating disasters, which unfortunately are increasing in frequency due to global climate change. Good communication can promote disaster awareness by encouraging individual, family, and community preparedness, as well as informing people about new techniques in community resilience, such as building and farming methods. Media is vital when it comes to disseminating warning messages, and telling people where to go and what to do in an evacuation. Even long after the disaster strikes, media can provide information about reconstruction and recovery, and hold leaders accountable for promises made.

  • Mozambique Flood Recovery Radio

    DRRGaza3 Flood Recovery and Climate Change Training
    The Gaza region of Mozambique is very vulnerable to natural disasters, and in 2012 was hit by some the worst flooding since 2000, killing 68 and displacing over 168, 000 people. To support IOM’s

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  • Bravos do Zambeze: Disaster Risk Drama


    First launched in March 2010, Bravos do Zambeze (‘Zambezi Braves’) is a multi-faceted initiative that combined a 26-episode radio drama produced in 2 languages with training for community radio journalists, in order to convey information around disaster risk reduction and

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  • Disaster Risk Reduction Manual


    Preparedness communications portfolio, CMFD worked with the IOM and partners to produce a training manual to build radio stations’ capacity to produce relevant and engaging broadcasts around disaster risk reduction. The project also included

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  • Always Alert Reducing Disaster Risk

    IOM Always Alert: Reducing Disaster Risk Guide for Communicators and Radio Broadcasters By Deborah Walter (ed), CMFD Productions

    Community radio provides an unmatched avenue for the widespread distribution of locally appropriate information concerning disaster risk reduction (DRR). It is a vital

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  • Documenting Post-flood Livelihood Recovery

    In early 2013, floods hit Mozambique with devastating impact: over 100,000 people were displaced, with 50,000 seeking refuge in temporary shelters in the worst-hit districts of Chokwe and Guija. An estimated 117,822 hectares of food crops were destroyed, along with

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