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Good governance practices and a fully functioning democracy are key to a nation's success, economically and socially. CMFD conducts training sessions with both radio journalists and politicians to improve civic education around elections and voting as well as reporting around elections and governance issues. This includes issues that are felt at the local level. We believe the best way to get civil society involved in political life is by ensuring that the media and political spokespeople know how to engage local communities.


  • Madjuba: Quest for the Talisman

    A community listens as a wise storyteller weaves a tale of adventure and fantasy, unaware the story's magic has transported their stubborn neighbor Arlindo to a far off fantasy world. Through the hero Chamwari's quest, the village listeners realise they

  • Jabulani Celebrating 10 Years of Democracy

    Jabulani ABC Ulwazi and Community Media for Development Productions worked with representatives from 20-community radio stations across South Africa to write 20 radio dramas about ten years of democracy in in the country. The dramas were broadcast on Youth Day, and

  • Voices and Views on the SADC Protocol

    Road map

    Just on time for 16 days of Activism, Roadmap to Equality: Voices and Views is a 10-part series of radio reports that includes voices and perspectives on gender equality from across Southern Africa. The CD and accompanying presenters guide are

  • Crossroads: Women's Rights Through Drama

    When a market trader becomes frustrated with the local police inspector who is more interested in lining his pockets than finding her missing daughter, a magic drink causes the two to switch bodies-with hilarious results and eye-opening perspectives.Originally recorded in

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