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In Africa, women's voices are still largely missing form media, especially the most marginalised, like rural or migrant women. Raising awareness about gender inequalities and women's rights and giving women opportunities to use media to articulate issue and priorities, is an important part of ensuring that these issues receive the attention they need. CMFD works to raise awareness about women's rights and gender through polar forms of entertainment – such as drama and music – as well as working with women, both media professionals and community members, to strengthen the use of media for development.


  • Thuthuzeleka Radio Drama

    TCCPackage2s Fear grips a community threatened by an unknown serial rapist. The intrepid Detective Busi Ncube/Sheila Petersen in (Afrikaans language) is assigned to the case, going deep undercover at the secondary school to try to catch the culprit. As she struggles

  • Mahlabathe Speaks! Linking HIV & GBV

    CMFD produced a 13-part serial radio drama on behalf of People Opposing Woman Abuse (POWA) to highlight the intersections between HIV/AIDS and GBV in a way that is entertaining and understandable to the mostly rural target audiences. Produced in English,

  • Change the Story: Migrants Against GBV

    Hitting the airwaves just in time for 16 Days of Activism 2013, this 3-part series of short radio dramas highlights  factors that make refugees and migrant communities vulnerable to sexual violence as well as challenges for accessing care and treatment

  • Zaphamban’ izindlela! Crossroads SA

    What happens when a corrupt old policeman and a market woman switch bodies? - The latest in the "Crossroads" series, CMFD produced the isiZulu, South African adaptation for People Opposing Women Abuse (POWA), supported by Oxfam GB. Previously produced in English,

  • Crossroads: Women's Rights Through Drama

    When a market trader becomes frustrated with the local police inspector who is more interested in lining his pockets than finding her missing daughter, a magic drink causes the two to switch bodies-with hilarious results and eye-opening perspectives.Originally recorded in

  • Human Trafficking Radio Spots

    spots The "Together We Can End Human Trafficking" radio spots were produced to raise awareness about human trafficking and to provide information about where to report suspected cases of trafficking during and after the FIFA World Cup in South Africa. CMFD

  • Voices and Views on the SADC Protocol

    Road map

    Just on time for 16 days of Activism, Roadmap to Equality: Voices and Views is a 10-part series of radio reports that includes voices and perspectives on gender equality from across Southern Africa. The CD and accompanying presenters guide are

  • Tjoon 'in

    Taxi 16 Days 2008  - Taxi CD

    As part of the 2008 16 Days of Activism, CMFD Productions produced a CD mix of fun and interesting audio pieces, including spots (PSAs), personal testimonies, music, reports, etc, for Gender Links, to raise awaraness
  • Humbanane

    Clement on the drums As part of efforts to combat violence against women and promote human rights, Community Media for Development/CMFD Productions and the Johannesburg-based Mozambican youth group Alertos da Vida - with funding from the Global Fund for Women - released an Afro-Jazz compilation, Humbanane.

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