Safe Journey

Safe Journey

South Africa & Lesotho, Nov. 2005 - Feb. 2006)
( musician Bhudaza Mapafane, recorded and produced at CMFD Studios for IOM's HIV campaign for rmigrant workers.

 Safe Journey audio clips, click on link to listen:

 Qoleng Ea Kobo (SeSotho)- about about prevention and awareness.

Tlala Ea Bosiu (SeSotho) - about loneliness in the mines, reminding people that a moment of closeness can have long-term impacts on the individual and their family back home.

The Radio Magazines
Safe Journey ( Eng version)

Safe Journey (Sotho part 2)


Koatsi (Ea Bosolla Hlapi) (SeSotho)- about family responsibility, coupled with discrimination, both referring to discrimination against migrant workers and PLWHA.

  • Languages: Sesotho and English
  • Partners: IOM

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