Change the Story: Migrants Against GBV

Change the Story: Migrants Against GBV

This 3-part series of short radio dramas highlights factors that make refugees and migrant communities vulnerable to sexual violence as well as challenges for accessing care and treatment services.While all women and girls face challenges reporting any kind of violence, refugees and migrants face added barriers of language, lack of knowledge of local systems and rights, not knowing where to go, few support systems, and at times xenophobic responses.To help promote awareness, encourage dialogue, and urge care seeking among migrants and refugees, for Sonke Gender Justice, CMFD worked with 20 refugees, migrants, and South Africans to develop 3 mini-dramas and related discussion guides, to be used on radio stations.

Mini Dramas and Presenters' Guides

 1- Leaving Home: Facing Sexual Harassment

Presenter's Guide: Facing Sexual Harassment (PDF)

2 - I have the right: Reporting a Case

Presenter's Guide: Reporting a Case (PDF)

3 - Dangerous Borders:Vulnerable in Transit

Presenter's Guide: Vulnerable in Transit (PDF)

  • Languages: English
  • Partners: Sonke Gender Justice

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