Zaphamban’ izindlela! (Crossroads)

Zaphamban’ izindlela! (Crossroads)

What happens when a corrupt old policeman and a market woman switch bodies? Zaphamban' izindlela! (Crossroads). This is the South African English and isiZulu version of "Crossroads" an exciting six episode serial radio drama exploring issues related to the African Union Protocol on the Rights of Women in Africa. The drama features a market trader frustrated with the local police inspector who is more interested in lining his pockets than finding her missing daughter. When a magic drink causes the trader and police inspector to switch bodies, each has the opportunity to see how the other gender lives - with hilarious results and eye-opening perspectives. Contact us for the full 6 episodes in English or IsiZulu.

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Sample Episodes (English)

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

  • Languages: English, IsiZulu (also available in French, Portuguese, and Swahili
  • Partners: POWA, with the support of Oxfam GB

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