Vila Pisa Bem Radio Drama

Vila Pisa Bem Radio Drama

A young women returns home to find her village in the midst of a delicate transformation. Then her young brother's disappearance starts a chain of events that turns her whole world upside down. Step into a world of unseen dangers, feel the pain of passion, and find love in the most unlikely places. Welcome to Vila Pisa Bem! As part of the initiative to deal with the continuing landmine problem facing Mozambique, especially for those living in rural areas, the serial radio drama seeks to raise awareness, disseminate information and encourage safe behaviours in landmine contaminated regions.

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VPB Trailers and theme song

VPB Portuguese trailer


VPB Changaan Trailer

VPB - MacuaTrailer

VPB - SenaTrailer

 Vila Pisa Bem Theme Song

Vila Pisa Bem Episodes

Vila Pisa Bem Episodes1

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  • Languages: Portuguese, Changana, Macua and Sena.
  • Partners: World Without Mines

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