Passo a Passo: Landmine Digital Stories

Passo a Passo: Landmine Digital Stories

Digital stories are powerful narratives combining images with first hand accounts of people most affected by the topic at hand, in this case the ongoing impact of landmines in post-conflict Mozambique. Since many of the most affected areas are away from urban centres, these views and voices are sometimes forgotten. During four participatory workshops survivors, those who have lost family members to landmines, and communities affected by agricultural loss told their stories of living with the affects of landmines. The resulting 28 stories were produced as photo digital stories on DVD, and recast as audio testimonials for radio stations, and distributed to 30 community stations across the country.

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Liquina Gimo (Ximanica/Shona):

Liquina's story

Esperança Alberto Chidzinga (Português):

Esperança's story

historia-teresa's story

historia- sebastiao's story

  • Languages: Changaan and Portuguese
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