Together We Can End Human Trafficking radio spots

Together We Can End Human Trafficking radio spots

The "Together We Can End Human Trafficking" radio spots were produced to raise awareness about human trafficking and to provide information about where to report suspected cases of trafficking during and after the FIFA World Cup in South Africa. However, the messages continue to be relevant. (NOTE: The Redlight2010 campaign mentioned in some spots is now over)

The PSAs

There are 3 PSas, produced in 12 African languages.

  • False Promises: Her dream job in the big city becomes a nightmare when a young woman is forced into sex work.
  • Taxi Driver: A taxi driver realises he did nothing to prevent a young women from being trafficked, and vows to never let it happen again.
  • Knowing the signs: Two young women recognise that a human trafficker in their midst, thanks to information provided to them through community outreach.
















  • Languages: Zulu, SeSotho, Afrikaans, Siswati, Changaan, Nyanja, Chichewa, Setswana, and Shona.
  • Partners: Spearheaded by Gender Links, held in partnership with the Red Light 2010 Campaign (network of organisations including SANTAC, WLSA), the National Community Radio Forum (NCRF) and supported by IOM and Oxfam GB.

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