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The story...
When a market trader becomes frustrated with the local police inspector who is more interested in lining his pockets than finding her missing daughter, a magic drink provided by the local alcohol brewer causes the trader and police inspector to switch bodies. Each has the opportunity to see how the other gender lives! - with hilarious results and eye-opening perspectives. All the while, the search for the missing woman continues - will she be found in time?

Bringing the AU Protocol to communities

The latest in the Crossroad series launched on 9 August, South Africa National Women’s Day and will broadcast throughout the month. Organised by POWA, community-based listening groups will gather to listen to the weekly episodes. Each package of Zaphamban’ izindlela! includes:

  • 2 CDs with 6 episodes, a promotional trailer, and the drama's theme music;
  • A presenters guide with episode summaries, discussion questions, ideas for programmes, and background information;
  • Leaflets with background information about the Maputo Protocol and women's rights.
  • POWA is facilitating discussion groups, listening on stations such as Alex FM, Kasie FM, Eldoz FM and Ndofaya FM.

If you are interested in receiving a copy, please email us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Adapting the drama

In order to ensure that that the South African isiZulu adaptation and translation is relevant to the country context, the first step was to undertake an adaptation process. This involved reading through the script and discussing a number of key points to find out...

- Is the language accurate, are there words or phrases that need to be changed to make it more appropriate to the country?
- Is the story culturally accurate? Are there adaptations that need to be done that will make the drama make more sense within SA’s culture?
- Are there local proverbs, songs, references that will make the drama resonate with the audience better?
- SFX – do they make sense for the national context?

An initial review of the scripts was done by CMFD to make some suggested name changes, edits some of the contextual script, and highlight areas for review. Representatives from CMFD, POWA, Oxfam, and Thetha FM convened at The Cottages in Johannesburg to listen to and review in depth scripts for the first two episodes. The ideas generated from this meeting were integral to the adaptation process. Following the meeting, the remaining 4 episodes were reviewed for other suggestions. POWA also sent legal information to be incorporated into the drama. Once the edits were complete, the scripts were translated into Zulu. Oxfam reviewed these Zulu scripts and additional edits made.

The music

Each version of Crossroads included an original theme song, designed to set the drama apart and attract attention, which reflects local musical styles. For Zaphamban’ izindlela, we worked with local musicians and recorded original theme music in Zulu, with a style that is Zulu, with a funky influence.

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