Elections and Governance

Debating Politics in Angola (Luanda, Angola; July 2011)

RD_July2011In the latest of a long series of training workshops with radio and political spokespeople in Angola, CMFD Director Daniel Walter travelled to Luanda with Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, for a busy week of activities. The first two days was with political spokespeople, the third involved working with a local camera crew and KAS to document Angela Merkel’s visit to the country, as well as KAS’s ongoing media work. The final two days was a workshop with private radio, Radio Despertar on encouraging discussions.



Interactive good governance programming (Nampula, Mozambique; May 2011)

Helvetas_Discussion_2In May 2011, CMFD travelled to Nampula to carry out training with community radio stations for Helvetas Mocambique, to build capacity of radios to undertake participatory programming, especially radio debates, on the issues of governance, water and sanitation. The activity was part of the PROGOAS programme, and representatives from seven radio stations attended. The training was held at Radio Encontro in the centre of Nampula. The content of the training was prepared by CMFD prior to the training



Political Marketing for Spokespeople 22-26 Feb, 2010, Luanda Angola
Strategic political marketing is an important part of making a political party's position known, and planning for and reacting to situations and events that can help to build the overall image of the party. This course sought to expand on previous technical courses, to clearly hone in on designing messages and mediums for presenting political messages and undertaking political marketing in order to encourage a healthy democracy. The course included such topics as targeting political marketing; storytelling in political campaigning; photojournalism & Communicating through visuals; meeting the media.

Capacity Building and Programme Production: 2009 Elections/ Governance in Angola
25 - 29 May,
2009, Luanda, Angola
In 2
Nampula008, Angola held it first elections since 1992 and Presidential elections were set for between May and September 2009. Many in the country feared that there will be delay.  As demonstrated by last years presidential elections, though democratic processes have come along way since the 1992 elections threw the country back into civil war, there are still ,many challenges, not least of all for media. The goal of this training was to reflect on lessons learned, both in electoral and governance reporting in the current environment, further enhance skills and strategies for political campaigning, and opening public space for discussion and debate.

Political Marketing and Campaigning

20-23 July 2009, Maputo, Mozambique
Organised ahead of the Mozambique presidential elections, this workshop brought political representatives and media together to explore such issues as wow to communicate effectively with voters. Along with technical training, the workshop nclusing hands on practice through practical exercises, a mock crisis, and productions of a voter awareness flyer and radio spot.

Capacity Building and Programme Production: 2009 Elections/ Governance in Angola
30 March - 03 April, 2009

RadioFollowing quickly on the heels of last years legislative elections, for the first time since 1992 Angola will go to the polls to vote for a President. Media is still largely dominated by the MPLA, and for Radio Despertar the challenges are especially acute. The goal of this training was to further enhance the radio's skills for effective and responsible electoral reporting, and open public space for discussion and debate. The programme combined investigative techniques and programme production. Such investigative approaches to reporting are vital during elections, as many stories are difficult to come by and fair reporting requires ensuring such basic journalistic principles as fact-checking, not relying on one source, and analysing data.


Covering Local Issues: Community Radios (CR) and Community’s Resident Associations
24 – 28 November 2008, Nampula, Mozambique

Representatives from
community radio and two locally based print journalists attended a 5-day workshop to help develop content and technical skills related to reporting on the work of community Residents Associations in Mozambique, as well as the local issues that they engage with. The aim of the workshop was to build the interest, knowledge and capacity of radio journalists to promote the Associations as part of strategies for community development, as well as investigate and report on local governance, issues, and initiatives affecting the community, all of which are closely linked in with the Resident’s Associations. The training activity was developed to complement and support the ongoing work of KAS Mozambique with Residents Associations throughout the country as agents of development. As part of the workshop, participants used their knowledge and skills to interview people from the local community and produce radio programming

Creating Media Resources Leading Up to Elections in Angola
1 - 18 June, 2008, Luanda, Angola

The previous training prog
Voterrammes held with political spokes people in Angola created a solid foundation for creating media leading up to the upcoming elections. These workshops have included building capacity on a broad range of media strategies (print, radio, photojournalism), the setting up and subsequent training on a digital audio studio, and specific skills around voter education and messaging in the time of elections. The next s step was to assist in bringing together all of these skills in creating a repository for media journalists, and looking at two specific capacity building areas – accessing the international media and responding to conflict.


Covering Elections
31 March - 4 April 2008, Luanda, Angola

The aim of this two-week workshop organised for KAS was to build the knowledge and capacity of radio journalists to investigate and report on elections processes and the upcoming September election in Angola. This workshop involved participants from three radio stations - Radio Despertar, Radio Nacional De Angola, and Radio Igreja. Joint seminars were organised for the first three days, followed by practical days based at individual radio stations, so that each journalist could work with their own equipments, in their one space. Presenters included representatives from MISA, the Elections Commission, the Union of Journalists, and political parties. Topics covered included: role of media in covering elections; key issues in covering elections; covering local/ social issues (rights, health, access to services) and the importance of interviewing/ accessing diverse voices in civil society; themes for elections coverage; media ethics & elections; elections background; and techniques for preparing and assembling a radio programme

Creating Voter Information and Education Materials
Radio Spots/ Public Service Announcements
31 March – 4 April 2008, Luanda, Angola

VoterThe aim of the workshop was to increase capacity of the political spokespeople to undertake voter education, encouraging people to vote, and be aware of the issues. More specifically the workshop focused on the development of a series of radio spots, or public service announcement that could be aired to encouraged voter awareness leading up to the September elections. The workshop focused on programming to create voter information, voter education, and civic education, as well as look at how political parties engage with these. Radio spots are idea for voter information and education, as they can be played repetitively throughout the lead up to the elections. Different spots can also be used at key times, i.e. to tell people how to register, are to remind people to go out and vote on election day. Spots are also good for a wide range of listeners, as the targeted messages can be understand by people with low political literacy. They are also ideal for training purposes, as they allow for a large range of skills to be passed along, much of which can also be used for other formats.

Spot 1

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Reporting Local Governance and Community Participation
21 -25 January 2008
Pemba, Mozambique

PembaWith training and on-site production provided by CMFD (Community Media for development) Productions, Konrad Adenauer Stiftung organised a 5-day workshop to build the interest, knowledge and capacity of radio journalists to investigate and report on local governance, issues, and initiatives affecting the community. This workshop involved 14 participants from radio stations in the northern region of Mozambique. Through a combination of seminars, discussion and practical exercises, participants both learned about local government and community participation, and completed practical work interviewing and creating radio programmes. Programmes produced during the workshop, and distributed to participants, were about diverse governance issues such as how the fishing industry and eco-tourism plays a vital role with the social and economic health of the community, high crime in the area, malaria, and the lack of accommodation for secondary school learners. It is an important aspect of the media in a democracy, particularly in developing countries and countries where media and democracy are still evolving, that journalists be trained to interrogate issues based on legislation and stated government commitments, as a way of holding them accountable



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