Media Training

Most of CMFD's programmes involved an element of training. However, we also conduct specific training workshops with radio stations and communities to build capacity for reporting on or developing media around important issues, in particular gender and governance. Most workshops take place over a 5-day period, in which participants are exposed to new issue-based knowledge and learn new skills.

As part of the training, participants produce media, putting what they have learned into practice. Usually, these are short radio programmes, produced on site with CMFD equipment. CMFD has conducted numerous workshops in Mozambique, Angola, and South Africa for Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, as well as for Helvetas, British Council, UNICEF, the International Organisation for Migration, Gender Links, etc .

Key capacity building have included the following issues.

Elections & Governance

Good governance practices and a fully functioning democracy are key to a nation's success, economically and socially. CMFD conducts training sessions with both radio journalists and politicians to improve civic education around elections and voting as well as reporting around elections and governance issues. This includes issues that are felt at the local level. We believe the best way to get civil society involved in political life is by ensuring that the media and political spokespeople know how to engage local communities.


CMFD is committed to upholding women's rights and gender equality, and is a significant consideration in all our projects, from large-scale radio dramas to 2-day workshops. Raising awareness around women's rights, and the various international, regional and local instruments that are meant to serve women, is one of the priorities in our media development projects. We aim to ensure that the media has the tools they need to engage with women's and gender issues, and that women and women's organisations have the capacity to engage with the media.

Technical TrainingAll training workshops include elements of techncial training - interviewing techniques, writing for radio, production, etc. Some training focuses specifically on technical training, for example, creating magazines or radio spots.

Following are examples of training workshops we have conducted and can offer your organisation/ station.

• Investigative Journalism refresher
• Interactive good governance programming
• Political Marketing for Spokespeople
• Reporting on Disaster Risk for Community Radio
• Investigative Journalism in Angola: Capacity Building and Programme Production
• Capacity Building and Programme Production
• Covering Local Issues: Community Radios and Community's Resident Associations
• Investigative Radio Reporting Workshop
• Creating Media Resources Leading Up to Elections
• Creating Voter Information and Education Materials: Radio Spots/ Public Service Announcements
• Reporting Local Governance and Community Participation
• Reporting on Women's Rights in legal frameworks
• Power Reporting Investigative Journalism
• Producing Radio Magazines
• Producing Radio Spots: UNSC Resolution 1325
• Media Literacy for learners
• Radio Despertar Strategic Planning











































































































































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