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Reading Group 5

Launched in August 2014, Vamos Ler is a 15-part children’s reading programme produced by CMFD productions for World Education. Each radio episode was thematically linked to children’s books producedby World Education as part of the Aprender a Ler programme. Each radio episode includes interviews (teachers, children, parents, people in the community), vox pops, a mini-drama, and reading from the storybook, all tied together with a male and female narrators.

To produce these programmes, CMFD conducted interviews, organised live readings with children, and produced short skits. The programmes are designed to encourage reading, highlight the importance reading for children, and expose teachers and parents to learning techniques related to reading.

Though not part of the original project plan, during a re-conceptualisation of the project, it was decided that more children’s voices were needed in the programming. CMFD organized a children’s reading group, in collaboration with a school near our studio in Chamanculo, Maputo Children came weekly to listen to the storybook reading, do related activities, and ask and answer questions about the book. This was all recorded and included in the programme.

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