Voices and Views on the SADC Protocol

Road map

Just on time for 16 days of Activism, Roadmap to Equality: Voices and Views is a 10-part series of radio reports that includes voices and perspectives on gender equality from across Southern Africa. The CD and accompanying presenters guide are ideal for use during 16 Day of Activism, in 2010 leading up to International Women's Day in March, or any time of the year.

The SADC Protocol Alliance produced these radio resources as part of their campaign to around the SADC Protocol on Gender and Development - encourage local action for ratification and advocating for countries who have not signed to do so. Designed for use by presenters as discussion starters and launching points for talks show and call in programmes, the series provides an international perspective with local relevance.

In this package, you will find:

  • A series of 10 radio segments
  • Brief summary of each segment
  • Potential questions for call in shows and panelists
  • Topics for more in-depth reporting and discussions
  • Tips for talk shows
  • Country information and contacts to localise your show
  • Background information

Click to listen:

SADC Protocol Introduction

SADC Protocol Budgets and implementation

SADC Protocol 5050 part 1

SADC Protocol 5050 part 2

SADC Protocol Gender based violence

SADC Protocol Economic empowerment

SADC Protocol Constitution over custom

SADC Protocol Media

SADC Protocol Youth

SADC Protocol Education

The programmes were supported by DFID and produced with the assistance of CMFD Productions.

Interested in these programmes? Please contact Deborah Walter This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Important! This content is free to use, providing radio stations participate in our easy to use evaluation tool. This will help us bring you new and exciting content in the future.

How to use the programmes.

Using the inserts: The radio reports can be aired on their own, but to make the information more relevant to your listeners, we strongly recommend the following.

Call in show: the radio inserts contained in this kit are designed to be used as a launching point for discussion and local coverage. Invite callers to phone in to ask questions or comment on the topic, or share their own experiences. You can use the questions provided in this guide to get the conversation going.

People in studio: Invite people from organisations, government, traditional groups, etc, to discuss the issue of the day. You can use the questions provided to start the dialogue.

Create reports:  the inserts cover just the basics of issues important to your listeners. Ideas for in-depth coverage are provided, and country coordinators and contacts are available to assist with planning shows.




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