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Gender and Media Diversity Journal
The journal provides up-to-date and cutting edge information on media diversity in Southern Africa and the space for the dissemination of research findings and projects; case studies; campaigns; policy developments; and opinion and debate on media practice in theregion. Each journal covers latest developments but also focuses on a different thematic area identified in consultation with the GMDC advisory group. Deborah Walter edited six editions of the Gender and Media Diversity Journal, the biennial journal of the Gender and Media Diversity Centre (GMDC).
- Issue 8: Gender and Soccer 2010
- Issue 7: Gender, media, and sport
-Issue 6: Gender, Diversity, Elections, and the media
- Issue 5: Critical Citizens, Responsive Media
- Issue 4: Media, Activism, and Change
- Issue 3: The Tabloid Explosion

SADC Gende02971_resized_barometerr Protocol Baseline Barometer (2009)
In August 2008, Heads of State of the Southern African Development Community adopted the ground-breaking SADC Protocol on Gender and Development. This followed a concerted campaign by NGOs under the umbrella of the Southern Africa Gender Protocol Alliance. This report is the first regional baseline study of the provisions of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Protocol on Gender and Development against the reality on the ground conducted by the Southern African Gender Protocol Alliance

 The "I" Stories
The "I" Stories is an annual project of Gender Links (GL), in collaboration with partnering organisations, to share first hand accounts of women and men affected by gender based violence. The process combines working with women in a workshop setting to assistthem to tell their stories, and an open call for contributions. The "I" stories cover a broad range of issues, surviving gender violence, HIV/AIDS, culture, etc. Along with editing annual regional editions and country-specific books, CMFD has also worked with the women to record their stories in audio format.

Business Unusual

BUCover As a region, the Southern African Development Community (SADC) is increasingly recognising that development - economic, social, is increasingly recognising that development - economic, social, and political - requires a conscious awareness of how different strategies and choices affect the lives of all citizens, both women and men. Yet the gender dimensions of macroeconomic policy, budgets, trade, work and business are among the least understood by policy makers, decision-makers and the media. This book sets out to explore some of these issues. By looking at topics such as the hidden economies of care, the world of work and enterprise, development, globalisation and trade, budgeting and governance, this book offers unique perspectives on gender, the economy and business.

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