Clement on the drums As part of efforts to combat violence against women and promote human rights, Community Media for Development/CMFD Productions and the Johannesburg-based Mozambican youth group Alertos da Vida - with funding from the Global Fund for Women - released an Afro-Jazz compilation, Humbanane. Produced by Daniel Walter, and with contributions from some of Southern Africa’s most well-known musicians, including Feya Faku, Louis Mhlanga, Mhlingisi Gegana, Jackee and Clement Benny, as well as some of Southern Africa’s rising stars - Alertos da Vida - the CD will be launched soon.

With a fusion of West and South African influences, the rhythm and melodies of Humbanane are more than just easy-listening, they send a message. Amid the notes and beats, there lies the story of Southern Africa—people and dreams flowing across borders, leaving homes and families for the promises of better lives.

The CD draws on CMFD’s current community theatre production, Khuluma Afrika!, produced for the International Organization for Migration's Southern African Counter-Trafficking Assistance Programme, again featuring Alertas da Vida, done to raise awareness about human trafficking. Humbanane draws out many of the issues explored on stage, setting them to music to promote awareness around women’s issues—violence, exploitation and discrimination—as well as human rights.

Bringing together close to 20 artists, both musicians and actors, the CD was recorded in CMFD’s Johannesburg studio and shows the range of influences involved in its creation. Moving from jazz to rap to the colourful stylings of traditional Mozambican marrabenta, in Shangaan, isiZulu, and Portuguese, the compilation is as varied as its contributors.

Yet despite drawing from different backgrounds, languages and countries, performers united in message ringing through in every track—Africans uniting to respect every African; to stop the violence affecting Africa’s mothers and sisters.

Humbanane is being used to help draw audiences and encouarge audience participation in Khuluma Afrika! The CD is being distributed to Johannesburg-area radio stations in early February.

Listen to the music (right click and ‘save as’):

Switha Hela - A girl tells her sister to take care traveling to Joburg, promises are not always what they seem.
Andiyiqondi - A mellow jazz tune telling of a wise old woman questioning the violence she sees around her.
Alertos Da Vida - A funky marrabenta inspired beat calling to Africans to care for each other. The theme song for the Alertas Da Vida group.

Download the radio presenter’s info sheet:

Humbanane presenter’s guide

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