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 Theme Songs

The Crossroads Series


Zaphamban’ izindlela! - Recorded in Johannesburg, South Africa

Crossroads/  Njia Pacha Theme Song - recorded in Nairobi, Kenya

Piste Croisees -  mbalakh- inspired tune, recorded  in Senegal.

 Caminhos Cruzados Theme Song - recorded in Maputo, Mozambique with Euyphoro.  


Vila Pisa Bem


Vila Pisa Bem theme song

Dealers/ Troco




Dealers Theme Song

Troco Theme Song


Bravos Do Zambeze


Bravos do Zambeze theme song - Produced with Isaú Meneses as part of the serial drama of the same name, an exchange between a husband and wife getting ready for imminent floods. (Sena)


 Musicians against xenophobia
MachotteMusicians from Mozambique, South Africa and Zimbabwe put xenophobia on the cultural agenda in a musical initiative to get people talking about discrimination. Initiated by CMFD and supported by MMINO, the musicians worked with migrants and young people to create four songs that get to the heart of the matter. In addition, research was conducted on the use of music for social change, as well as migrants' experiences with xenophobia. To inform the music, surveys were conducted with 100 migrants living in Johannesburg.

 Turning of the tables talks about brotherhood and how just as neighbouring countries helped South Africa during the Struggle, so South Africa should help now that those same countries are facing hardship.

Sigaouke a man in Mozambique comparing his life with that of a man in South Africa working in the mines, saying he wishes he could do the same, but commenting that in both countries, he’d be called names.

 Sinjengo Mfula uses the metaphor of a great river with many tributaries to speak about how regardless of where we were born or what language we speak, we are all one people.

Max Kaya talks about treating people with respect, no matter where they come from, and building a home where everyone feels like family.

(South Africa, Nov 2006 - Feb. 2007)

Humbanane CoverWith support from the Global Fund for Women, CMFD and the Alertas Da Vida youth group produced three songs in Changaan, isiZulu and Portuguese about women's rights, migration, trafficking & discrimination. Involving over 15 musicians, these funky tunes were distributed free to radio stations. The tunes were also used during the Khuluma Afrika! theatre performances to draw audiences and enable audience members to participate by singing the songs themselves


Switha Hela A girl tells her sister to take care travelling to joburg (Changaan)

Andiyiqondi - A mellow jazz tune telling of a wise old woman questioning the violence she sees around her (Zulu)

Alertos Da VidaA funky marrabenta inspired beat calling to Africans to care for each other. Theme song for Alertas Da Vida group  (Shangaan & Portuguese)


Safe Journey Campaign
(South Africa & Lesotho, Nov. 2005 - Feb. 2006)

SJThetsaneUndertaken while CMFD Director Daniel Walter was working with IRIN Radio and produced in CMFD Studios, the “Safe Journey Campaign,” used music and radio documentary to raise awareness about HIV and AIDS, targeting Sesotho-speaking audiences in Lesotho and South Africa, particularly the migrant workers of Lesotho. Key messages were identified as part of a workshop process, and the 3 songs subsequently written and recorded with Sesotho musician Bhudaza Mapefane, released to more than 20 radio stations in time for World AIDS Day. During the ten concerts the three new songs were interspersed with group’s popular line-up.


Qoleng Ea Kobo about about prevention and awareness (SeSotho)-.

Tlala Ea Bosiu
- about loneliness in the mines, reminding people that a moment of closeness can have long-term impacts on the individual and their family back home (SeSotho).

Koatsi (Ea Bosolla Hlapi) about family responsibility, coupled with discrimination, both referring to discrimination against migrant workers and PLWHA ( SeSotho)- v


Desperta Mocambique Theme Song
 Music school

music schoolAt the Sigauque Project space in Chamanculo, free music classes are being offered to local youth. About 40 students attend, and the initial lessons are focusing on music theory. We are currently fundraising for instruments, if you have any you would like to donate, we’ll put them to good use!!














































































































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