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fedelisFedelis Kyalo Kithome (Baba Bahati) - started his career in 1990 in high school as an actor. In 1990 Fedelis was trained as a puppeteer by a family promotion programmes service, from there he formed his own group, Krystall Puppet Theatre, a puppet theatre that has been effective over the years, doing shows in Kenya and abroad. He’s also a member of a percussion group in Nairobi called Drum Café Safari. Fedelis plays Djembe and percussions and is also a trainer in puppetry.lydia

Lydia Dola (Deputy Sifa) - is a member of the 5 Centuries women’s theatre group, an activist, a song writer and poet. Lydia is currently working on her new project as a founder of African Tunes of Peace, which its main aim is to promote peace and human rights in Africa.



Anthony Mboyo (Tim Taabu) - an accomplished puppetry theatre director specializing in Community development theatre. Currently working with the community health awareness and action puppeteers (CHAPS) as a program officer.


Pauline Wanjiru (Tumaini) - is an activist and a feminist; she is also a member of the 5 Centuries theatre activists group which uses community theatre to advocate for human rights.


JackJack K Omondi (Inspector Tumbo) - is an accomplished puppet designer and creator who has theatrical backgrounds in animation of puppets and objects.


 Diana W. Waituika (Market Woman, Old Woman) - is a member of the 5 Centuries theatre group. The 5 CDianaenturies uses theatre to educate and entertaining people. Diana is also a community worker she works full time at the National Convention Executive Council ( NCEC).


SophiaSophia D. Ogutu (Nurse, Mama Toni) - is member of a led theatre group, 5 Centuries human rights group. They do progressive performance for social transformation and promotion of human rights especially women issues. Sophia works with a social moment. as a programs assistant in charge of campaign and advocacy at the National Convention Executive Council (NCEC


Maureen Akinyi Obara (Raha) - is a collage student. She is a supporter of the rights of women especially young girls like her. Maureen loves drama, she took part in drama when she was in school. Her greatest ambition is to become a medical micro-biologist.


JosephineJosephine Odour (Mama Bahati) - is 26 years old, currently taking a mass communication course. She loves singing, acting, dancing and traveling. Working with CMFD productions will definitely be a stepping stone for her, in her career and she is looking forward to enjoying every moment of it. Josephine is a third born child in a family of five children. She hopes this production will be a great use to the community whom are about to receive it and they may learn from it all the values talked about in the drama.


Anne Wanjiku Gaia (Tausi) - is a middle aged lady, very interested in human rights issues and has been in this field for almost ten years. She advocates for all people to be equal, especially women, who have been left behind for so many years. Her hobbies are working with community, dancing, doing skies for Gric education. Anne is looking forward to this production to help so many women especially those who are at the ground and know their rights.


IreneIrene A. Onjiko (Mama Sweety) - is a 27 years old female Kenyan and a born again Christian. She loves community work where she can practice charity and humanity to all and influence lives of people positively. She is a sociable, flexible and love music, singing and dancing. Irene is an information Technology/ Management professional by training and experience. She also does gospel music and currently working on her first album. Being the third born among six siblings from a humble Christian background and having gone through some real African lifestyle. She would love to defend the rights of children, youth and women in the best way possible.


Christine N Kyule (Mama Dawa, Mama Mercy) - is a mature, energetic, innovation, social,Christine outgoing, literal, understanding, tolerant and patient, with a good sense of humor and ability to adjust to different situations. Her hobbies are drama, music, reading and traveling .she likes volunteering and participating in activities that educate and raise awareness to people. Christine has a vision towards anything concerning human rights with a special focus on women’s rights and children’s rights as well as matters concerning the environment. she has good logistic skills, with fluent English, Kiswahili and working knowledge of French and German, with ability to learn more languages. She loves indoor fames likes table tennis and chess. Acting is a her greatest talent and hope to be able to make good use of, educating others through it and creating awareness through it, so that other also benefit from it.


FredrickFredrick Ookoh (Corporal Odihambo, Young Taabu) - is a Kenyan man aged 30 years old. He associates himself with human rights issues as an actor by profession and a radio presenter with a local radio station. Fredrick likes socializing, and has done various presentations on both adverts and stage performances. He believes theatre is life and one can triumph through it.

Murage Nderutu (Mzee Taabu) - is a person who likes discovering different things which Murageconcern different issues this is culture, environment, science etc. Murage also likes meeting a lot of people, exchanging ideas and getting involved in different activities. He speaks three different languages: English, Swahili and French.

Making the Protocol accesible to listening audiences.The AU Protocol is a very important document. However, most people outside of the NGO sector do not know about it. It needs to be popularised so that people know that it exists and how it affects them. Currently, a campaign for its ratification and domestication is being spearheaded by a coalition of more than twenty organisations known as Solidarity for African Women's Rights (SOAWR).





















































































































































































































































































































































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