Dealers: Human Trafficking Awareness

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The young woman lets out a terrified scream. “Leave me alone!” she cries. The harsh male response comes back “I’m going to teach you how to do your job!” How does love, the mafia, and friends and family combine to leave a woman desperate, and a community torn apart?? This serial thriller that follows a family of women traders who get caught up in a mafia scandal and underground human trafficking ring. Produced in Portuguese for Mozambique and English for Zambian audiences,


Theme music:

Dealers (English)

Troco ( Portuguese)


Dealers (English)

Troco ( Portuguese)

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Human trafficking awareness radio spots

Dealers is a 13-part action-packed serial radio drama exploring issues related to human trafficking. Created in Portuguese for Mozambique and English for Zambian audiences, each 20 minute episode was produced to high quality broadcast standard. Through drama and engaging storylines, the series raises awareness about human trafficking and related issues, as well as communicates specific knowledge and skills, such as how to recognise suspicious offers, and what resources are available to turn to for help.

Upbeat and original theme music, produced in English and Portuguese, accompanies the drama, and both complements the story and stands alone as a strong message for people seeking to migrate to be sure of what they're getting into before they leave home.

The Drama

The drama, which comes as a five disc box set, contains a fold-out media guide that provides radio presenters or community groups using the drama with ideas about how to take the issues further. The easy to follow guide gives presenters suggestions for questions to ask listeners or studio guests, as well as stories they can do that relate to the themes in each episode.

In Mozambique, CMFD worked with the Hopangalatana Cultural Company, a well-known Maputo-based theatre troupe that uses participatory theatre techniques to raise awareness of issues facing Mozambicans.

In Zambia, CMFD had the opportunity to work with some of the country's stars of screen, television and radio, including Mainza Chipenzi, Linah Zulu, Kangwa Chileshe and "Peaches" Mufungulwa.

To record the music for the theme songs, CMFD brought artists from Zambia and Maputo to our recording studio in Johannesburg. As with our actors, we had the opportunity to work with two very talented and well-known artists, Lily Tembo in Zambia and Anita Macuacua in Mozambique, who gave a haunting depth to the lyrics.

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