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Cast members are listed in no particular order.


ChilesheKangwa Chileshe is a television and theatre actor and a model. He Played lead character in the Zambian soap opera“Kabanana”. He has done theatre acting in Dallas,Texas, for Christ for the Nation and has also featured in music videos.

Claudia Nkhata started drama at school. After graduation she joined the Lusaka theatre club as aClaudia freelance actress. Her biggest production was “Out of place”, followed by “Soweto” . She also featured in the “kitchen party”, “Chiti Muluba”, and did a TV advert for electoral commission of Zambia. Experiential Momentum and Mobi TV are other private organization she has worked with, among many others.

LinahLinah Zulu D is a young Zambian lady, working as a radio and TV presenter. She started exploring her talent in 2003 while working with UNICEF and the Zambian Civic Education Association (ZCEA). Linah loves to interact with people of different backgroundMasautsos so as to appreciate people.

Nkhoma Masautso is 22 years old completed high school in 2003. He is a hip-hop musician and has released two albums. Apart from being a musician he is an actor, and has acted in one of the Zambias biggest soap operas, “Kabanana.” He also features in a comedy called “Flat 6.”

SundaySunday Chanda studied law at UNZA, and went on to work with the Africa leadership development Institute in Pretoria, South Africa. He featured in the first drama piece in the Copper belt province, Ndola in particular, which focused on HIV/AIDS. In 2004 he worked on a script entitled “Zero transmission lifestyle” which was aired on Swazi TV in Swaziland

Mainza Chipenzi Started out as a keyboard player and back up vocalist for a band, beMainzacame lead singer for the group “Melt Down”, and chief producer at Mando Music. He later ventured into voice-over work for radio commercials like BP, Standard bank, Celtel etc. Mainza was recruited as an actor in the popular ZNBC soap “Kabanana”. Also appereared in the independent film “The Lawyer” as support actor opposite “Peaches”.he is currently working as a studio sound engineer/producer and singer, as well doing voices over work for radio commercials.

GiftGift Muneka has been in acting since 2000.She joined Zhaninga when she was still at school in 2000. She was introduced to the industry through the production “African Dream” by Comesa, later ventured into acting on a full time basis. Gift has done a couple of TV adverts and radio jingles. She is currently one of the main actors playing a lead role in the national television in Zambia. She won an award as best actress for Ngoma. For Gift acting is not just her passion but it is also part of her life and she always aims at reaching an international level.Kenneth

Kenneth Kalala is a new voice in Zambian radio. This was his first experience stepping behind the mic. He said although it was difficult at times, he would love to do it again.

MilnerChikandi Milner was born on the 11 of October 1987.She completed High school in 2003 and studied information technology and programming. Chikandi loves reading, cooking and watching movies; she also loves music and dancing.

Nalukui Mufungulwa was born on 29 June 1987 at Lwanohya General Hospital.StaNalukuirted acting at the age of 5 in school play. She was a member of the school drama club until her final senior year. Nalukui was also a member of music and debate clubs. She played lead role in the Zambian film industry and is currently working as a radio presenter at Qfm radio in Lusaka, Zambia. Nalukui loves acting, watching movies and is addicted to music.

LucyLucy Kalumbwa Chola Is a 20 year old woman who is a Christian by faith, and very enthusiastic.If she was asked to describe herself she would say she is friendly and social person. Lucy is right handed, enjoys hanging out and reading novels. Movies are her favorite past time. She also has a very active sense of humor.


Catherine Mngawa was born on the 19 of September 1985. She is determined to contribute in making Africa a better place for everyone. She studied travel and tourism in Botswana. In the mean time she is working as a manager for a beauty parlor in South Africa. From the age of 16 Catherine had been an HIV facilitator, going to different places to acknowledge people about the dangers of AIDS. She love working with people with the same dreams as hers.

WezleeMasilo Wesley Makgamatha is an honours theatre and television student at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa. He has worked on various stage, screen and radio productions as actor, director and producer. He has appeared in Wits Theatre productions including We shall sing for the fatherland (2005/2006), Translations (2007), and Stormpie (2007), as well as Six Nine (2007) for the Windybrow Theatre festival. He also wrote, directed and acted in the industrial theatre piece, The missing link (2006/2007).

Owas Ray Lwape was born 10 February 1973. He holds a bachelors degree in Owasbusiness administration and is currently general manager for Started acting from 1986 and won national best actor in 1990, ‘91, and ‘92.He became a TV presenter for Colgate Dynamo Take your Pick in 1998. He did video production analysis in 1999 in Nairobi.He aslo featured in TV soap “Kabanana”, the radio drama “we were heroes” in 2006 and also featured a film “The Lawyer” in 2007.

Bwalya Katongo

Three of our cast members in South Africa are not pictured here. They are:

Harrison Musumali  voiced the narration for the trailer and for the intro and extro for each episode.

Hlayisanani Salani, a Wits University radio presenter and honours student who played the rude South African police officer, the farm owner, and one of the men at the party.

Cindy Dzanya, CMFD's own multi-talented administrative/Projects assistant, who voiced one-liners in several scenes where we needed an extra body to make the setting sound just right.

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