Jabulani Celebrating 10 Years of Democracy

JabulaniABC Ulwazi and Community Media for Development Productions worked with representatives from 20-community radio stations across South Africa to write 20 radio dramas about ten years of democracy in in the country. The dramas were broadcast on Youth Day, and distributed to community radio stations.



Community radio stations across South Africa were invited to submit story ideas about 10 years of democracy from their communities for produc tion into radio dramas. Twenty of these were selected and contributors were invited to Johannesburg to participate in a hands-on scriptwriting and production workshop that turned these ideas into edu-tain ing and informative radio programmes. Four workshops of five participants each were held over a 5-week period. During the workshop, participants learned how to developed their ideas into a radio drama, how to use sound effects, and the basics of recording and production. The dramas produced reflect stories from communities about 10 years of democracy in South Africa. Issues addressed vary including land rights, women's rights, the right and responsibility to vote, communities working together and freedom of speech.

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Examples include:

- A woman is going with her daughter to visit the grandparents. As they move freely along the highway, the mother recounts to her daughter the last time that she made this trip - she was just 14 and did not have the appropriate pass required by black people to travel, so another passenger on the bus had to pretend that that she was her daughter.

- A young girl who lost her first love during the anti-apartheid violence struggles with whether or not the right to vote is important, and decides that her love did not die in vain, and she will vote.

- A grandmother who takes care of her grandchildren after her daughter's death struggles against corruption and hardship to get her old age grant. In the end the corrupt official is exposed when granny invites a member of the community press to accompany her - showing that freedom of speech in the new South Africa can go a long way



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