Thuthuzeleka Radio Drama

TCCPackage2sFear grips a community threatened by an unknown serial rapist. The intrepid Detective Busi Ncube/Sheila Petersen in (Afrikaans language) is assigned to the case, going deep undercover at the secondary school to try to catch the culprit. As she struggles to fit in, the suspect list grows, and the pressure is on to find the unknown assailant. Then the danger hits close to home, and when Busi's new friend becomes the latest victim, she finds herself caught up in the local lives and worries more than she planned.

Working alongside Ma Elise, site coordinator for the local Thuthuzela Care Centre, Busi/Sheila follows the clues, while trying to help support her friend in need through the process of reporting, medical exam, and giving a statement. Thabo/kelvin in (Afrikaans Language) struggles with his own problems, just when his sister needs him most. Will the rapist be caught? Can Busi/Sheila succeed in her first assignment? How will the survivors cope? Find out on Thuthuzeleka.

The radio drama

SonkeTCCDrama 2sFor Sonke Gender Justice, CMFD previously produced and released a 13 part serial radio drama  in English, Zulu, Sotho, Venda, IsiXhosa and Afrikaans. it is now in 2017 translated and produced in Sepedi and Xitsonga, to encourage support for survivors of sexual assualt and promote access to South Africa's Thuthuzela Care Centres for care and treatment. Thuthuzela Care Centres (TCCs) are an innovative one-stop centre offering comprehensive services and support for for survivors of sexual assault. The radio drama is designed to raise awareness and dialogue around sexual offences, as well as more specifically services and expertise available from the TCCs.  It includes both practical information needs – such as what steps to take following a sexual assault – while also challenging negative attitudes and misconceptions that surround sexual violence.

Package for Radio Stations

Launched on the 31st of August 2015, the drama was distributed free of charge to radio stations. Radios received:

CD's with:

A printed discussion guide with:

  • Episode summaries
  • discussion questions for facilitators, teachers and drama facilitators
  • ideas for radio shows – topics for more in-depth reporting and discussions
  • background information about sexual violence
  • contacts for more information

In order to encouarge effective use of the drama as a discussion tool, Sonke did training with radio stations, and will use tools produced as part of the project to monitor broadcasts.

Developing the Story

TCC Story workshopThe stories and characters of Thuthuzeleka were developed after a formative research process that outlined key information to convey, attitudes to challenge, and behaviours to encourage. The characters were created so that their experiences demonstrate that every person can stand up against violence, and help support survivors in their healing process. As part of the story development, the detailed story outlines with scene by scene summaries were reviewed by Sonke partners, including representatives from radio and Thuthuzela Care Centres who provided important insights and suggested changes to ensure relevance and maximise the impact of the messages.


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