Radio Spots & PSAs

Radio spots or public service announcements (PSAs) can take many forms, but need to be highly entertaining to grab people's attantion fast. Many of CMFD's radio spots have used a mini-drama format as experience has shown that this format is most effective for engaging listeners quickly and sustaining their interest. Spot scripts are developed and written either in close consultation or with direct participation of communities they are designed for.


All of the below are free to air public service announcements. Radio stations are encouraged to use these short notices to raise awareness on many important issues. If you woud like to produce a public service announcement, please contact us for a quote - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  NEW! Celebrate 2 Oct -... Read More...
IMAGE Human Trafficking Radio Spots

The "Together We Can End Human Trafficking" radio spots were produced to raise awareness about human trafficking and to provide information about where to report suspected cases of trafficking during and after the FIFA World Cup in South Africa. CMFD organised, recording and produced these spots as... Read More...
Voter Education PSAs

CMFD facilitated this 5-day workshop to increase the capacity of political spokespeople in Angola to undertake voter education, encouraging people to vote, and be aware of the issues. More specifically the workshop focused on the development of a series of radio spots, or public service... Read More...
Cholera Prevention Spots

Produced as an add-on to Bravos do Zambeze, these five spots raise awareness about the risks of cholera during disasters, in particular how to identify cholera symptoms, how to prevent the disease, and how to get treatment. Read More...


Get the Facts Before You Go – This series of five spots on human trafficking was developed and recorded in a participatory workshop with the Alertas da Vida youth group for the International Organisation for Migration. The spots were broadcast in Mozambique, and later adapted and reproduced by the IOM for other Southern African countries.

Youth Environmental Programme  - In the early years, CMFD worked with young people in Ghana to develop a series of spots on environmental issues. An activity book designed for youth accompanied the spots and included games, true and false quizzes and crossword puzzles based on the information in the spots.

Women's HIV/AIDS/ Sexual Harassment Programmes – – CMFD worked with young women in Ghana to produce a series of spots around HIV awareness and prevention. As well, to help address the problem of sexual harassment, a three part series of public service announcements was developed to promote awareness about the issue and encourage people to speak out.