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 NEW! Celebrate 2 Oct - International Day of Non-violence

When it comes to xenophobia, we keep hearing the same old song – stealing our jobs, our women, our resources… discrimination and violence is always wrong, but it’s also time to get a few facts straight…”


Know your facts (Countering Xenophobia) - DRAMA




Know your facts (Countering Xenophobia)




A new set of PSA are being launched for the International Day of Non-Violence, 2 October, to bust myths and set the facts straight about South Africa’s vibrant migrant and refugee community, in a bid to get people talking about xenophobia. The PSAs were produced for the Consortium for Refugees and Migrants in South Africa (CORMSA).

Celebrate Africa, Stand Against Xenophobia

We are All From Somewhere

Together We Make South Africa Stronger


Celebrate Africa Day

Celebrate Cultures on Africa Day


How Xenophobia harms


Turning of the Tables

Stay Healthy, Keep Fit
Youth Fit Africa

The Beautiful Game

If you're not moving...



The below public service announcements are archived and for reference only.

Together We Can End Human Trafficking
(Red Light Campaign, 2010)
Available in 12 languages



Know the Facts

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 16 Days of Activism - Survivors Speak
Gender Links, 2011
Voices of survivors

Police Response

I stayed because...

No excuse...

Voter Awareness in Angola
KAS/ UNITA, 2008
Pre-election awareness

Register to Vote

Register to Vote: What to bring

Voting is Your Right

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Cholera Awarensess
IOM, 2010
Disaster risk reduction

Symptoms of cholera

Drunk on water

Cooking and cholera

Tjoon' In - 16 Days GBV PSAs
Gender Links, 2008
Participatory workshop local government


My Taxi, your taxi

Passenger Treatment

 Resolution 1325
IWTC, 2007
Participatory workshop with activists

Did you know


Did you know

 Get the Facts Before You Go
Alertos Da Vida




 Sexual Abuse  PSAs
Participatory workshop with girls
Ghana, 2002

Sexual Abuse

Environmental Awarness PSAs
Participatory workshop with youth
Ghana, 2002


Koo the Mosquito on Malaria

Throwing Rubbish