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CMFD Productions worked with the International Organisation for Migration and the National Institute for the Mozambican Communities in the Exterior (INACE) to develop and implement the first stage of a communication strategy designed to engage the Mozambican diaspora in issues of social, economic, cultural and political development.

Key Activities

The tasks included:

  • Identifying the best mechanisms for communicating with Mozambicans in the diaspora;
  • Identifying areas of interest for Mozambicans in the diaspora as defined in the recent draft diaspora mapping and online survey conducted by INACE;
  • Establishing  and developing  a contact list of journalists and media outlets covering all areas of communications (i.e. print, TV, radio, web, photo) to engage the Mozambican diaspora in issues of social and economic development;
  • Developing  key materials (facebook, brochure and 3 web banners) to engage the Mozambican diaspora in issues of national development
  • Advise on the communication component of the draft Diaspora Engagement Strategy

Communication Strategy

The core of the output was a communication strategy, which clearly outlined the following. As the strategy was a first step the action, emphasis wasa on practical, doable steps.

  • Overview of Mozambicans in the diaspora – their interests, context, and perceptions.
  • Possible mediums (considering bilingual and Portuguese only speakers) – social media, print, radio, television.
  • Key messages and approaches – what are they interested in? How to gain their trust? How to build bridges.
  • Challenges/ Barriers – what can potential barriers be for Mozambicans to engage? What messages need to be communicated to address these?
  • Where are the stories – what would media be interested in?
  • Next steps – what needs to be done – ongoing communication tasks.

Media Tools

Connecting with media is crucial to be able to distribute key messages and information to the diaspora. The only way to get and keep your issues in the media is to develop relationships with media. Building relationships helps to interested journalists in your cause, and familiarise them so that you don’t have to explain the basics every time.

This involved:

  • Identifying information sources for Mozambicans in the Diaspora.
  • Creating a media list of contacts
  • Sending an introductory email or preferably press release to introduce media and start to create a relationship.

Campaign Materials

A core set of initial tools was developed:

  • Establishment of a facebook page, and a guide to how to effectively engage with people (a poorly managed facebook page is worse than not having one.)
  • Production online materials (3 banners) that can be used and shared (think of the Buy SA campaign and web banners). The main message related to “Proudly Mozambican”)
  • Profiles (3) of Mozambicans in the diaspora who maintain close links with the country.
  • Production of a basic informational pamphlet/ brochure in digital format, which can be later printed.

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