Rural womens radio

Rural womens radio

As part of a three-part project initiated by FAHAMU Networks for Social Justice and in collaboration with local partners, CMFD worked with rural women in Southern, East and West Africa to produce radio/ podcast programmes about women's rights, especially related to rural women. Each of the workshops was conducted in a participatory way, with the participants, who were mostly women from rural communities, identifying issues and priorities, as well as conducting interviews and producing on-site radio programmes that could be distributed to radio stations, community groups, and distributed through Pamazuka podcasts. In each of the three countries – South Africa, Kenya and Sierra Leone – women came together to participate in an 8 day workshop. Together they produced radio programming in issues as diverse as women’s inheritance rights, HIV/ AIDS, early marriage, elections, and access to health care.


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 Rural women radio clips

Delivering babies

Early marriage


 Rural women radio clips  in IsiZulu

Bongi's voice

Londi's Voice

Gabi's Voice

Sne's Voice

 Rural women radio clips  in English

Ayanda's voice note

 English clips:

Sizani's voice note

Senzo's Voice Note

  • Languages: English
  • Partners: FAHAMU Networks for Social Justice

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